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Folklore Costumes, Dodecanese,ενδυμασίες απο τα ηρωικά large variety of costumes like: CASTELORIZO MEGISTI ,CASTELORIZP MEGISTI ,EBONAS RHODES ISLAND,EMBONAS RHODES ISLAN,EBONAS RHODES ISLAND,VRAKOFOROS , all high quality made in Greece by Stamco manufacturer

Greek Traditional Costumes Workshop : Dodecanese

Folklore Costumes   EBONAS RHODES ISLAND 641211
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Folklore Costumes   CASTELORIZO MEGISTI  641070
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Folklore Costumes   EMBONAS RHODES ISLAN 643111
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Folklore Costumes   SAMOS ISLAND    641312
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Folklore Costumes   VRAKOFOROS     644112
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Folklore Costumes   CASTELORIZP MEGISTI  641165
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Folklore Costumes   SAMOS ISLAND    641309
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Folklore Costumes   EBONAS RHODES ISLAND 641212
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  •       Some Greek Ethnic Costumes we have constantly in stock:

    • Amalia the classical dress in Greece.
    • Evzonas the costume of the Presidential Guard.
    • Tsolia the most widespread costume From the Peloponnese to Rumeli.
    • Vlachos and Vlacha traditional costume in Macedonia.
    • Karagouna regional costume from Thessaly.
    • Sarakatsani folklore costume for Tselingas and Tselingata .
    • Cefalonian and Corfu man and woman fron Ionian Islands Region.
    • Regional costumes from Paros,Naxos,Myconos and other Aegean Islands.
    • Costumes from Epirus, Zitsa , Souli , Metsovo for men women and children
    • Thracian local costumes for men and women of Thrace and Evros terittory .
    • Crete costumes From all the prefectures of Crete for Men and Women.
    • Local folklore costumes of Macedonia (Central, Eastern, Western)
    • Pontos and Asia Minor , costumes for Adults and Children.
    In our collection you will find costumes for School Events and parades
    • Costumes of Ancient Greece for men , women and children.
    • Genitsarous , Ali Pasa.
    • Karaiskaki, Kolokotroni, Papaflesa.
    • Manto Mavrogenous , Bouboulina and more Heroes.....

    you may also find a variety of tradional jewels, shoes, aprons, headscarves and more


    Traditional Costumes Greek Ethnic Costumes
    01.Amalia Evzonas Tsolia | 02.Roumeli Sterea Ellada | 03.Peloponnese | 04.Macedonia | 05.Epirus | 06.Thrace and Evros | 07.Thessaly | 08.Aegean Islands,Cyclades | 09.Ionian Islands,Eptanisa | 10.Crete Island | 11.Dodecanese | 12.Cyprus | 13.Pontos Cappadocia | 14.Asia Minor | 15.Sarakatsani | 16.Vlach | Costume Parts | Greek National Holidays |

    Tradition is the history of our country, the tradition we follow characterizes the place and its people,      folk, local Traditional costumes with taste and respect for tradition, quality and respect for tradition are the characteristics of our national uniforms,      Greek local costumes folk costumes Traditional Costumes
    Folklore Costumes, Dodecanese,ενδυμασίες απο τα ηρωικά large variety of costumes like: CASTELORIZO MEGISTI ,CASTELORIZP MEGISTI ,EBONAS RHODES ISLAND,EMBONAS RHODES ISLAN,EBONAS RHODES ISLAND,VRAKOFOROS , all high quality made in Greece by Stamco manufacturer
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    In 1912 the population was 143,482. Of these, 131,332 were Greeks.When total population of the prefecture of Dodecanese reaches 190,071 inhabitants (2001) and has an area of ​​2579.275 square kilometers. Other smaller islands are long, the Goose, the Holy Sunday, the Egg, Glynos, the crocus, the mosquitoes, the Koutsomyti the Mesonisi the Ofidoussa, or tile, the mouse, wreaths, Fokionisia, wholesale, the Chondronisi the Imia - Lake two, Imia - Lake One, Calabria, Kalolimnos the blackboard, the waters, the back, Safonidi the scallop, Armathia the Makronisi, the Franks, the Archangel, the Needle The Gull, the Black, the Great Lawn, the Piganoussa, Plaka, Tripiti, Saint George, the Agrielaia, Black penalty, Polyfados two, Polyfados one, Ro, or round, bread, Psoradia The Kandelioussa, Saint Anthony, the thick, the Pergoussa the Agkathonisi the Argeloussa, anhydrous, the easygoing, the Komaros the Makronisi, the fennel, the waters, the Tragonisi, Hiliomodi the Gialesino, the walkers, the Kouloundros, the Marmara, Sesklo, cartilage, the donkey, the Antitilos, St. Theodore, the beds, the Maelonisi, the tragic, the Gull, the Rabbit, the Psathonisio the Astakida the Atsakidopoulo the Windmills, the low, the unbaptized, the Pitta. In October 2006 the populated islands of the Dodecanese were in total 27. Story Earliest inhabitants were the Carians and Telchines later Achaeans and Dorians. He was a member of the first and second Athenian League. Experienced great prosperity during the Hellenistic period. With their allegiance later Roman domination, the Dodecanese became part of the Eastern Roman Empire (395 AD). Found in 1310 under the rule of the Knights. The Turks conquered the 1522. Since 1912 the Italians occupied and eventually released in 1945. In the Byzantine empire the islands belonged to the Dodecanese except Rhodes and some islands yet, but includes the Cyclades. In Ottoman reported as favored islands of the Archipelago which incorporated the same islands today outside the Rhodes and Kos, plus Ikaria and Kastellorizo. June 27, 1946: In Paris and the Council of Foreign Ministers of the four Powers, decided to reach the Dodecanese to Greece. This is a landmark decision in the course of the Dodecanese people to his association with mother Greece. February 10, 1947: Signing of the Paris peace treaty between the Allies and the allied powers (Greece) and Italy under which Italy gives to Greece in full sovereignty the Dodecanese islands and adjacent islets. 31 March 1947: On March 31, 1947, the British commander of the Allied Occupation Forces Brigadier Dodecanese DP Parker delivers the British Military Administration in the vice admiral Pericles Ioannides. Begins the transition period of the Greek Dodecanese Military Command. January 9, 1948: Pursuant to Article 1 of Law No. 518 "On the annexation of the Dodecanese to Greece" D Reviewing the Greek Parliament states: "The islands of the Dodecanese Astipalaia Rhodes, Halki, Karpathos, Kasos, Tilos , Nisyros, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Symi, Rhodes and Kastellorizo ​​as parakeimenai century and islets, is prosirtimenai to the Greek State from the October 28, 1947. " This law, which is the certificate of incorporation of the Dodecanese mother Greece, terminates the transition of the Greek military command. The March 7, 1948 is defined as a day of solemn formal incorporation. The official ceremony took place on the incorporation of 7 March 1948. In 1955 he became the Dodecanese prefecture with its capital Rhodes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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