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Folklore Costumes, Thessaly,Καραγκουνα Τσελινγκατες απο large variety of costumes like: KARAGUNA WOMAN, all high quality made in Greece by Stamco manufacturer

Greek Traditional Costumes Workshop : Thessaly

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  •       Some Greek Ethnic Costumes we have constantly in stock:

    • Amalia the classical dress in Greece.
    • Evzonas the costume of the Presidential Guard.
    • Tsolia the most widespread costume From the Peloponnese to Rumeli.
    • Vlachos and Vlacha traditional costume in Macedonia.
    • Karagouna regional costume from Thessaly.
    • Sarakatsani folklore costume for Tselingas and Tselingata .
    • Cefalonian and Corfu man and woman fron Ionian Islands Region.
    • Regional costumes from Paros,Naxos,Myconos and other Aegean Islands.
    • Costumes from Epirus, Zitsa , Souli , Metsovo for men women and children
    • Thracian local costumes for men and women of Thrace and Evros terittory .
    • Crete costumes From all the prefectures of Crete for Men and Women.
    • Local folklore costumes of Macedonia (Central, Eastern, Western)
    • Pontos and Asia Minor , costumes for Adults and Children.
    In our collection you will find costumes for School Events and parades
    • Costumes of Ancient Greece for men , women and children.
    • Genitsarous , Ali Pasa.
    • Karaiskaki, Kolokotroni, Papaflesa.
    • Manto Mavrogenous , Bouboulina and more Heroes.....

    you may also find a variety of tradional jewels, shoes, aprons, headscarves and more


    Traditional Costumes Greek Ethnic Costumes
    01.Amalia Evzonas Tsolia | 02.Roumeli Sterea Ellada | 03.Peloponnese | 04.Macedonia | 05.Epirus | 06.Thrace and Evros | 07.Thessaly | 08.Aegean Islands,Cyclades | 09.Ionian Islands,Eptanisa | 10.Crete Island | 11.Dodecanese | 12.Cyprus | 13.Pontos Cappadocia | 14.Asia Minor | 15.Sarakatsani | 16.Vlach | Costume Parts | Greek National Holidays |

    Tradition is the history of our country, the tradition we follow characterizes the place and its people,      folk, local Traditional costumes with taste and respect for tradition, quality and respect for tradition are the characteristics of our national uniforms,      Greek local costumes folk costumes Traditional Costumes
    Folklore Costumes, Thessaly,Καραγκουνα Τσελινγκατες απο large variety of costumes like: KARAGUNA WOMAN, all high quality made in Greece by Stamco manufacturer
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    Geography Map of Thessaly H total area is 14,036 km2, representing about 11% of the total area of ​​the Greek territory. It borders the regions of West and Central Macedonia, with the southern region of Central Greece, west to the region of Epirus, while the East coast of the Aegean Sea. The soil in the form, it is 50% mountainous-hilly and 50% flat and its boundaries include the plain of Thessaly, the largest plain and granary of Greek territory, which flows through the east-west axis of the river Peneus, the third largest river in the country. In mountainous areas are included Olympus, the southern part of the Pindos mountain range, northern Agrafa, Ossa, Pelion and Othrys. Of particular importance geostrategic and economic project in the region of Thessaly is the artificial lake Tavropos, created after occlusion Tavropos riverbed, a tributary of the river. The subsoil of the region of Thessaly has mineral wealth, mainly chromite, sulfide ores, asbestos, ilmenite and lignite deposits. Administrative capital of Thessaly, Larissa is. The ancient Thessaly Thessaly in ancient times occupied an area from Olympus to Iti and Maliakos bay. It was divided into a number of tribal government. The strongest of these, the Thessaliotida the Pelasgiotida the Estiaiotidas and Fthiotida formed one commonwealth, known as the Thessalian. The head of the Commonwealth and called bellwether chosen among four rulers of Thessaly states. The Thessalians dominated also in neighboring states Peraivos north of Ainianos and Mali to the south and east of the magnets. The Thessalians were involved in the first holy war that was triggered by the control of Delphi for a short time (about 20 years) dominated over the Phocians. The Thessalians during the Persian wars, allied with the Persians. After the defeat of the Persians became allies of the Athenians attitude lasted until the Peloponnesian War. Thessaly gained power when he became the bellwether tyrant of Pherae Jason. This period was short and the next year, Thessaly was conquered by the Macedonians of Philip. Important cities of ancient Thessaly, Larissa was, the bear, Arni, the Pagases Fthiotides Thebes, the Farkadona the Farsala, Krannon The Triki etc. [1] Byzantine-Frankish During this time sent by the Byzantine Empire nobles, called head to govern the area. Since those times starts splitting the Thessalian land into large manors under the command of powerful families. During the Frankish stood the house Kefalas industry known family. The members of this house for centuries ruled the area along with other notables. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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