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Adult Costumes 2019 Halloween costumes a large variety of costumes like: HARLEQUIN ,LUIGI ,POLICE GIRL ,HARLEQUIN ,BUNNY ,ANACODA ,AMERICAN IDOL ,OCTOBERFEST ,NURSE ,TIGER GIRL ,ZULU ,ZOULOU ,HAPPY WIDOW ,JOKER ,HANGMAN , all high quality made in Greece by Stamco manufacturer

Adult costumes Men - Women : Halloween costumes for Carnival 2019

Adult Costumes  POLICE GIRL    341569
Code. : 341569
on Internet:30 €
Adult Costumes  AMERICAN IDOL    341445
Code. : 341445
on Internet:32 €
Adult Costumes  HAPPY WIDOW    610014
Code. : 610014
on Internet:28 €
Adult Costumes  GOBLIN      610019
Code. : 610019
on Internet:21 €
Adult Costumes  LUIGI      342506
Code. : 342506
on Internet:44 €
Adult Costumes  DAVIL GIRL     341571
Code. : 341571
on Internet:30 €
Adult Costumes  DICTATOR     341477
Code. : 341477
on Internet:30 €
Adult Costumes  ZULU       342610
Code. : 342610
on Internet:35 €
Adult Costumes  ANACODA      341741
Code. : 341741
on Internet:17 €
Adult Costumes  NURSE      341593
Code. : 341593
on Internet:35 €
Adult Costumes  HARLEQUIN     341459
Code. : 341459
on Internet:50 €
Adult Costumes  BABY       341062
Code. : 341062
on Internet:26 €
Adult Costumes  NURSE      341595
Code. : 341595
on Internet:35 €
Adult Costumes  HARLEQUIN     341199
Code. : 341199
on Internet:44 €
Adult Costumes  TIGER GIRL     341617
Code. : 341617
on Internet:44 €
Adult Costumes  SEXY PRISONER    501003
Code. : 501003
on Internet:21 €
Adult Costumes  HANGMAN      211501
Code. : 211501
on Internet:39 €
Adult Costumes  ZOULOU      341553
Code. : 341553
on Internet:53 €
Adult Costumes  OCTOBERFEST    342192
Code. : 342192
on Internet:44 €
Adult Costumes  BUNNY      341601
Code. : 341601
on Internet:44 €
Adult Costumes  MRS.MERKEL     341589
Code. : 341589
on Internet:35 €
Adult Costumes  DUCK       341136
Code. : 341136
on Internet:53 €
Adult Costumes  JOKER      342126
Code. : 342126
on Internet:44 €

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Adult Costumes 2019 Halloween costumes a large variety of costumes like: HARLEQUIN ,LUIGI ,POLICE GIRL ,HARLEQUIN ,BUNNY ,ANACODA ,AMERICAN IDOL ,OCTOBERFEST ,NURSE ,TIGER GIRL ,ZULU ,ZOULOU ,HAPPY WIDOW ,JOKER ,HANGMAN , all high quality made in Greece by Stamco manufacturer  Adult Costumes, Theatrical Costumes, Theatrical Garments, School Costumes, wardrobe, school costumes, seasonal Costumes, Theatrical Performance, Uniform, Costumes, , Costumes, seasonal Costumes, seasonal items,Costumes school parade, Costumes for Theatrical Performance

Halloween and Carnival Costumes Carnival (or Halloween) is undoubtedly the biggest celebration for adults and children alike. In addition, Greece is rich in traditional Carnival/Halloween customs, traditions and festivities. Traditional Halloween/Carnival events take place in almost every Greek city, each one with particular emphasis on the local customs (e.g. the Naoussa, Tyrnavos, Thiva, Rethymno Carnivals and many, many others) with outstanding among them all the Carnival of Patra. Discover the amazing world of Carnival and Halloween Costumes through the rich catalogue of our Company. Choose the Halloween costume of your liking, from the rich collection of our Halloween/carnival costumes and attract all glances on you. Are you a member of a Halloween/Carnival Group? Choose your favorite costume and make the "difference". A vast variety of Halloween/carnival costumes (youthful & sexy, clowns, oriental nights etc) is available for wholesale and retail sale, which are also ideal for carnival groups. See for yourself some of our carnival and Halloween costumes: Youthful & Sexy Halloween Costumes: Witch Costume, Policewoman Costume, Nun Costume, Merry Widow Costume, Nurse Costume, Pirate Girl Costume, and many others. Clown Halloween costumes: Harlequin Costume, Pierrot Costume, Baby Girl Costume, Necktie Clown Costume, Tuxedo Clown Costume, and many others. Oriental Night Halloween Costumes: Arab Costume, Bedouin Costume, Maharajah Costume, Fatima Costume, Harem Girl Costume, and many others. Let your imagination free and enjoy Halloween and the Carnival, this big event of masquerading and fun. Disguise yourselves, live and enjoy Halloween with our Carnival and Halloween Costumes.

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