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Stamco is a small family business with big objectives, founded in 1957 by Stamatis Kontouzoglou. Today Antonis Kontouzoglou and his wife Constantina, are proudly continuing the history of STAMCO which for more than 50 years has a dynamic presence in the wholesale and retail costume industry. With respect to the values that we inherited, we keep on bringing innovative ideas and designs, offering more than 20,000 costumes in stock for immediate shipping. Having as a main belief that "Quality never comes out of style", we design, manufacture and provide a huge collection of unique high quality costumes, at the best prices of the world. Our enthusiastic and devoted team chooses the best patterns and textiles, as we are constantly renewing our collection in order to satisfy the most demanding needs. We offer the best value for money, simply because: a) we manufacture our costumes ourselves without any additional costs. b) our 50-year experience in the field of costume manufacturing gives us the ability to directly control the procurement of raw materials. We cover a wide range of choices including: Halloween, Carnival, Christmas, New Year's, Mascot, Theatrical, Classical and Traditional costumes and we deliver to the finest stores in Europe and U.S.A. We produce costumes on demand , special orders are welcome.

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